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Public Engagement

160 Higher Geography pupils visit us, March 2017.

Last month the School welcomed 160 Higher Geography Pupils (& their teachers) from across the 18 Fife Secondary Schools for a mini-conference on cutting-edge geography research.

Led by Dr Louise Reid, in relation to this ESRC Smarter Homes Grant, we talked to the pupils about a wide range of topics from housing (Dr Reid) and population change (Dr McCollum) to glaciology (Dr Sevestre), geomorphology (Dr Cowton) and malaria (Dr Cox-Singh, from the School of  Medicine), demonstrating the breadth of the subject and the potential opportunities for future study in the discipline. This is part of a new initiative to work more closely with the Scottish Association of Geography Teachers, and follows on from an event for teachers which Louise ran in November 2016.

Photos below courtesy of Zac Dehaney-Steven. [Clockwise from top left: 1) The whole group; 2) Dr David McCollum; 3) Dr Heidi Sevestre; 4) Pupils enjoying the activities; and, 5) Dr Louise Reid].

ESRC Festival of Social Science Event: ‘Talking ’bout my generation’, November 2016.

We have been successful in applying for an ESRC Festival of Social Science Event. #esrcfestival. The ESRC Festival runs annually and this year will take place between the 2ndand 15th of November. It is designed to provide insight into some of the country’s leading social science research and how it influences our social, economic and political lives – both now and in the future. The event will be linked to our ‘Smarter Homes’ work and will involve us running a workshop with secondary school teachers from across Scotland to develop new teaching materials for the National 5 and Higher Geography curriculum, specifically the Global Climate Change section.

The new Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland gives teachers greater autonomy in developing teaching materials. Working with the Scottish Association of Geography Teachers (SAGT) to develop new social science teaching materials will give teachers more tools to teach social science, specifically human geography, by providing examples and data that they can use in class. Our workshop, and the materials that we produce, will therefore both increase the range of teaching topics and provide specialist expertise for senior level teaching. The teaching materials will provide real life examples and data that can be used by pupils and teachers across Scotland, based on research ongoing within our project and CHR. For instance, information about research design (online methods/netnography) in addition to real data (e.g. householder’s accounts of their experiences of living with renewable energy/microgeneration technologies) will be used. The materials will be shared through the Scottish Association of Geography Teachers for use in human geography teaching across Scotland.



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