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Household sustainability and online/digital research methods

by on July 13, 2017

At last our blogs from the workshop on household sustainability and online/digital methods are available! You can read them both on the Centre for Housing Research website by clicking the title of the blogs below:


Household sustainability and online research methods: a scoping paper

Ellsworth-Krebs, K.  and Marshall, M.

In this scoping paper we highlight where online methods may be going and how they might better contribute to studies of sustainable practices. We do so by conducting a literary review focusing especially on previous research conducted within the humanities and social sciences.


What are digital methods, where have they come from, and how/why are they important?

Reid, L., and Timan, T (2017)  

In this blog, the first of a series to come from our digital methods workshop, we attempt to highlight how developments in digital methods offer new opportunities for social science, and research on household sustainability in particular. We believe that many social scientists are unfamiliar with developments in digital methods and hope to encourage greater appreciation of them. Indeed, we conclude our piece with some reasons why social scientists should engage with debates around digital methods and consider using them. Before doing so, we provide some background about what digital methods are and how they have evolved.

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