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Isle of Muck prosumerism

by on August 4, 2014

I have just returned from a thoroughly enjoyable week on the Isle of Muck undertaking some interviews for my Prosumer project. Muck is a tiny island (1 mile by 2 miles) part of the Small Isles and Inner Hebrides. There will be a proper post to follow, but I just had to upload some of the photos I took (also to remind us that research can have it’s upsides!). Of course, they don’t do the island much justice since it is so amazing, but they’re a start.

The PV panels down in Port Mor with the Island of Rum peering in the background.

From the ‘road’ (note the quality of the surface – it is the only road) looking down into Port Mor the main settlement. You can see across to the mainland, and on the left the 6 wind turbines atop the hill.

Same point on the ‘road’ looking back to Rum. The road ends at Gallanach, where I was staying – it took 20 minutes to walk (slowly) from end to end of the road.

Creels at the new pier.


Inside the wee green shed, a veg and craft shop. Open 24 hours with no salesperson, you just write what you’ve bought in the book and put money in the tin.

The new community hall, built in 2012 with Lottery funding. Behind are the new turbines.

Turbine close up

Ancient improvised solar hot water system behind the tea room


Three days off the island and I’m already itching to go back!

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